Bohus Fortress


Bohus fortress is of course the reason why the Swedish province Bohuslän carries the same name. Known since 1308, and due to its location right in the middle of the historical Nordic borders, it has been besieged 14 times by Swedes, Norwegians and Danes – a Nordic record – but the fortress has never been [...]

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Carlsten Fortress


Carlsten Fortress - the Protector of Marstrand! Up until the peace at Roskilde in 1658 Marstrand belonged to Denmark-Norway. After the peace the Swedish King Karl X Gustav visited Marstrand and decided to improve the smaller fortifications built by the Norwegians. This is also why it was named Karlsten.  Shortly thereafter in 1677 a Norwegian [...]

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The history of Thorskog started already in 1249 when the Norwegian King Haakon Haakonsson the older and Birger Jarl sat on Torskebacke (the Norwegian name of Thorskog) and agreed on the eternal peace between Norway and Sweden. The eternal peace did not last and it would take a few hundred years until Bohuslän and Thorskog [...]

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