Carlsten Fortress – the Protector of Marstrand!

Up until the peace at Roskilde in 1658 Marstrand belonged to Denmark-Norway. After the peace the Swedish King Karl X Gustav visited Marstrand and decided to improve the smaller fortifications built by the Norwegians. This is also why it was named Karlsten. 

Shortly thereafter in 1677 a Norwegian force led by Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenlöve attacked the Swedish stronghold and the Commendant Sinclair was eventually forced to surrender. The Danish-Norwegian occupation of Karlsten lasted until the peace in 1679 when it was given back to Sweden.

Buildings continued during the 1700s but in the Great Northern War Norwegian Peter Tordenskjold made the Swedish Commendant Henrich Danckwart surrender. He was later beheaded for his betrayal. By 1882, the fortress had played out its defensive role. Today it is a tourist attraction.

Photo: Jenbuc, Wikimedia