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Danish King Frederik visit Sweden on first official trip abroad


Denmark’s King Frederik X arrived in Stockholm on May 6th with Queen Mary, as they begun their first official visit abroad as Danish monarchs. It was King Frederik X’s first state visit following his accession to the Danish throne in January, and the first incoming state visit from Denmark to Sweden since 1985. The overall [...]

Danish King Frederik visit Sweden on first official trip abroad2024-05-10T14:08:12+02:00

Documentary series “The History of Sweden” puts spotlight on Sandby Borg, Öland


The History of Sweden is a "drama-documentary series " about Sweden's history that premiered on November 5, 2023. The documentary series features historians, archaeologists and other historically knowledgeable people. It is Swedish Television's (SVT) biggest investment in history to date. The ten hour-long episodes are also shown on SVT Play. The series was filmed in [...]

Documentary series “The History of Sweden” puts spotlight on Sandby Borg, Öland2023-11-14T21:37:20+01:00

Prince Daniel celebrates 50th birthday at the Royal Palace in Stockholm


More than 200 distinguished guests graced the opulent halls of the Royal Palace of Stockholm on the 11th of November to partake in an extraordinary celebration. Hosted by Prince Daniel of Sweden, this private affair marked the commemoration of his 50th birthday, albeit 57 days after the actual date. The delay was necessitated by the [...]

Prince Daniel celebrates 50th birthday at the Royal Palace in Stockholm2023-11-14T21:51:50+01:00

DSCENE: Royal Getaways in Sweden


Embark on a regal journey through Sweden's illustrious past by exploring its magnificent palaces, enchanting castles, and opulent regal residences. This Nordic nation boasts a rich tapestry of history, and its royal landmarks offer visitors a captivating glimpse into the lives of monarchs, the grandeur of courtly affairs, and the architectural marvels that define Sweden's [...]

DSCENE: Royal Getaways in Sweden2023-11-14T21:25:25+01:00

Skånska slott: En personlig guide genom tid och rum


"Vill du känna historiens vingslag och strosa genom vackra och pampiga byggnader och parkmiljöer? Då är Skåne ett perfekt resmål, för här ligger de uppskattningsvis 170 slotten, borgarna och herrgårdarna tätt. Långt ifrån alla är öppna för allmänheten, men i den här boken får du tips om de mest besöksvärda." I en ny bok skriver [...]

Skånska slott: En personlig guide genom tid och rum2023-10-29T15:26:48+01:00

Castles near Copenhagen


Because Copenhagen is so close to Sweden, it’s worth considering a couple of castles across the border that can be easily visited on a day-trip from Copenhagen, RoutesNorth concludes. Among the castles mentioned in the article is Malmöhus Castle. Crossing the Øresund Bridge, visitors can reach the city of Malmö in Sweden, home to Malmöhus [...]

Castles near Copenhagen2023-11-14T21:21:36+01:00

Podcast: Snedtänkt om fideikomiss


"Historikern Brita Planck lägger entusiastiskt ut texten om den urmodiga och utdaterade arvsprincipen fideikommiss. Downton Abbey! Jane Austen! Magnus Uggla! Emelie Flygare-Carlén! Människor med lustiga efternamn! Mossometern slår upp på det röda!" Lyssna på podcasten nedan:

Podcast: Snedtänkt om fideikomiss2023-10-01T14:27:28+02:00

Stars of the Silver Screen: Swedish Castles in movies and TV series


Lights, camera, action! Sweden's picturesque landscapes have long captivated filmmakers and audiences alike, providing a stunning backdrop for numerous iconic movies and TV series. Amidst this mesmerizing scenery, one element stands out, adding an air of enchantment and historical grandeur to these productions – Swedish castles, manors and palaces. These majestic architectural marvels have served [...]

Stars of the Silver Screen: Swedish Castles in movies and TV series2023-07-30T23:37:19+02:00



Baldersnäs Manor in beautiful Dalsland next to the Norwegian border, is not only a romantic house in a great location - its a wedding hotspot! It was extended to a country seat in 1796 by ironmaster Carl Fredrik Uggla (the owner of an ironworks industry). Carl Fredrik Wærn the Older purchased the Manor, together with [...]




World Heritage Site Engelsberg ironworks is considered to be one of the finest industrial monuments in the world. The first owner of the Engelsberg was Per Larsson, ennobled Gyllenhöök. In 1728, Per’s son Anders Gyllenhöök sold it to the Söderhielm family who modernised it and built a new manor house in 1746. It was then [...]

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