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Samseryd manor outside Smålandsstenar is known since 1487 when it was the seat of Jöns Larensson. It was then known as Samsaridh. In the middle of Lake Samseryd we find the island of Storön where, allegedly, there is/was a stone marking the border between Sweden and Denmark. Now, the wars between the two arch enemies [...]


The Fantastic Tidö


The Fantastic Tidö By TINA KLINGSPOR Tidö Castle is one of Sweden’s best preserved, and by all means living, castles from the Age of Greatness. Axel Oxenstierna commissioned architects Simon de la Vallée and Nicodemus Tessin the Older to build him the grand castle between 1625-1641. Tidö was sold for the first [...]

The Fantastic Tidö2021-02-12T10:48:19+01:00

A visit to Fiholm


Fiholm By TINA KLINGSPOR “The image of the classic manor dream reveals itself at the end of the linden tree avenue”. And Fiholm is, indeed, a true manor dream - a dream that continues inside the doors! Fiholm’s late Gustavian Corps de logi was built between 1772-1773 by Carl Johan Ridderstolpe, after [...]

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Happy New Year


We wish you a Happy New Year!     Looking back on our Instagram top nine uploads from 2020. Thank you for following, liking and sharing.   Top nine 2020: Stora Sundby slott - @juanreyespinoza Kalmar slott - @oliviaidh Teleborgs slott - @joshuawestworld Bogesunds slott - @castlesofsweden Stora Sundby slott - @ullala4you Stora Sundby slott [...]

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One of the world’s greatest baroque castles


A monument from the "Era of Great Power"! Skokloster Castle is one of the greatest castles in Sweden. In all its splendor it’s a Swedish Baroque castle built between 1654 and 1676 by the extremely wealthy military commander Count Carl Gustaf Wrangel. It sits on the shores of Lake Mälaren between Stockholm [...]

One of the world’s greatest baroque castles2020-09-13T15:17:49+02:00

von Fersen’s Gustavian gem


Swedish twist on French neoclassicism The von Fersen family’s 18th-century gem on the Östgöta plain, Ljung Castle, was drawn by none other than the great Jean Eric Rehn. The current castle is built in Gustavian style, a Swedish twist on French neoclassicism. Gustavian style, named after King Gustav III, has the same [...]

von Fersen’s Gustavian gem2020-08-24T15:00:02+02:00

An afternoon at Lejondal


A Young Castle Lejondal Castle is one of Sweden’s youngest castles – completed in 1892. It is together with Thorskog, Tjolöholm, Bjertorp and Teleborg among the last castles built in Sweden. The estate traces its roots to the early 1400s when it was owned by Swedish Queen Filippa of England, the wife of [...]

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