Swedish castles and fortresses in Finland


Finland was part of Sweden for almost 700 years from around 1150 until the Finnish War of 1809 after which Finland became an autonomous part of the Russian Empire as the Grand Duchy of Finland.Here is a list of some of the most well-preserved castles in Finland. Sveaborg Jisis, Wikipedia Åbo kallerna, Wikipedia Tavastehus [...]

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Swedish monarchs and their royal mottos


The royal motto of the Swedish monarch is a Swedish royal tradition stemming from the early 16th century. All reigning monarchs of Sweden, beginning with Gustav I, have had their own mottos during their respective periods of reign. The Swedish royal motto in many ways is equivalent to a national motto. The tradition [...]

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Uradel – the ancient nobility


The term "Uradel" (ancient nobility) refers to noble families who are of such old age that their date of ennoblement is unknown, with the "threshold date" usually being circa 1420. According to the House of Nobility, there are 34 extant families of ancient origin.

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