The History of Sweden is a “drama-documentary series ” about Sweden’s history that premiered on November 5, 2023. The documentary series features historians, archaeologists and other historically knowledgeable people. It is Swedish Television’s (SVT) biggest investment in history to date. The ten hour-long episodes are also shown on SVT Play. The series was filmed in 200 locations around Sweden between autumn 2021 and summer 2023. 1500 extras participate in reconstructions of historical events and people.

The History of Sweden can be seen here, on SVT Play.

In the second episode, The Age of Metals, much focus is directed to the island of Öland and the dreadful events at Sandby Borg. As Sandby Borg is currently in a state of ruin, the fort used in the series is Eketorps Borg (pictured), also on the island of Öland.

The narrator of the series is Simon J. Berger, known from Exit. Composers for the theme are Ludwig Göransson, known for composing music to the well-received Star Wars series The Mandalorian, and Per Gunnar Juliusson.

SVT’s hope with the series is to arouse an interest in Sweden’s history and inspire viewers to find out more and deepen their knowledge in other areas as well. SVT also collaborates with museums, libraries and other cultural institutions with the goal of creating a broad interest in history.

The ten episodes are divided into two seasons and each episode covers a period of time:

  • About 14,500 years ago– 3,700 years ago: The Stone Age
  • Around 1700 BC – 500 AD: The Age of Metals
  • 5th century – end of the 11th century: The Viking Age
  • 12th century – end of the 14th century: God Gives and God Takes Away
  • Years 1361 – 1560: The Struggle for the Throne
  • Year 1560 – 1658: Great Power Sweden
  • Years 1658 – 1721: Witches and War
  • Years 1719 – 1809: Out With the Old
  • Years 1809 – 1921: The People Take Power
  • Year 1921 – our days: The World’s Most Modern Country

Photo credit: David Castor, Wikimedia