Skärva Manor, outside Karlskrona in Blekinge, was built by Shipbuilder Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. Af Chapman was ordered by King Gustav III to Karlskrona where he worked from 1782-1793. His orders were to take over the shipyard and develop the Swedish Fleet. He is credited as the world’s first person to apply scientific methods to shipbuilding.

Af Chapman had a house by the naval base but at 64 he decided to build a summer manor house outside the city which at this time was popular in Karlskrona and other Swedish cities. In 1785 he purchased the land and commissioned Carl August Ehrensvärd with the buildings. Just a year later, the house was ready. Chapman later added some of the features we see today such as the portico and other classical additions.

Chapman lived at Skärva until 1806 when it was sold to merchant Johan Humble and later the Chrisersson family. In 1863 it was acquired by Hans Hansson Wachtmeister to function as a house for his mother Agathe. It was during this time that the house was clad in wooden panelling and painted yellow. Since 2014, Skärva has been owned by German Henry Nold and is rented out for functions.