Gåsevadholm Castle was built at the end of the 1700s by Niclas Sahlgren, Director of the Swedish East India Company. He made it an entailed estate in 1761. Since 1999 it is an entailed estate company owned by Carl Silfvershiöld, the son of the Swedish King’s sister Princess Désirée.

Gåsevadholm is known since around the mid 1300s when Ebbe Pik owned it. From 1461 to 1625 it was owned by the same family although the family due to marriage changed name from Nielsdatter to Störle to Lilliehöök and finally Laxmand.

In 1754 it was acquired by Director of the Swedish East India Company Niclas Sahlgren who had the current house built in 1757 and made it an entailed estate in 1761. His daughter Sara Katarina married Claes Alströmer. Alströmer was close to Linneaus, some even say that he was one of the Apostles. Sara Katarina and Claes died without heirs so Gåsevadholm was passed to a relative, her half sister’s daughter’s son, Nils August Silfvershiöld who also owned Koberg Castle. Sahlgren had also purchased Koberg Castle in 1758. This was passed to his grand-daughter Anna Margareta, who was married to Nils Silfvershiöld. Anna Margareta’s mother and Sahlgren’s daughter died before Sahlgren himself.

His brother (half brother) Carl Otto Silfvershiöld completely rebuilt the castle between 1855-1856.

Gåsevadholm still belongs to the Silfvershiöld family.