Tina Klingspor

The Fantastic Tidö


The Fantastic Tidö By TINA KLINGSPOR Tidö Castle is one of Sweden’s best preserved, and by all means living, castles from the Age of Greatness. Axel Oxenstierna commissioned architects Simon de la Vallée and Nicodemus Tessin the Older to build him the grand castle between 1625-1641. Tidö was sold for the first [...]

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A visit to Fiholm


Fiholm By TINA KLINGSPOR “The image of the classic manor dream reveals itself at the end of the linden tree avenue”. And Fiholm is, indeed, a true manor dream - a dream that continues inside the doors! Fiholm’s late Gustavian Corps de logi was built between 1772-1773 by Carl Johan Ridderstolpe, after [...]

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