Southern Sweden is known for its many castles and manors. Skåne is the southernmost of the 25 traditional non-administrative provinces of Sweden. In English, Skåne is usually referred to as Scania. Skåne belonged to Denmark before 1658. Most of the castles and manors were originally built between 1100 and 1600 while Skåne was a Danish province.

Alnarps Castle
Araslöv Manor
Assmåsa Manor
Axelvold and Möllarp Manor
Balderup Manor
Baldringe Manor
Barsebäck Palace
Bellinga Palace
Belteberga Manor
Billesholm Manor
Bjersgård Manor
Bjärbolund Manor
Bjärsjöholm Palace
Bjärsjölagård Palace
Björnstorp Palace
Bläsinge Manor
Bollerup Castle
Borgeby Castle
Borrby Manor
Borrestad Manor
Boserup Manor
Bosjökloster Castle
Brodda Manor
Bullstofta Manor
Bulltofta Manor
Bäckaskog Castle
Bältesberga Manor
Bökeberg Manor
Böketofta Manor
Börringekloster Palace
Charlottenlund Palace
Christinehof Palace
Christinelund Manor
Dalby Manor
Duveke Manor
Dybäck Castle
Egeside Manor
Ekeröd Manor
Ellinge Castle
Flyinge Manor
Fredriksdal Manor
Fulltofta Manor
Gedsholm Manor
Glimmingehus Castle
Gustafsfält Manor
Gyllebo Palace
Gärsnäs Castle
Gårsta Manor
Göingeholm Manor
Habo Manor
Haglösa Manor

Hamiltonhill Manor
Hammarshus Manor
Hanaskog Palace
Harastorp Manor
Havgård Manor
Hedvigsdal Manor
Herrevad Palace
Hildesborg Manor
Hjularöd Castle
Hjälmhult Manor
Hovdala Castle
Huntly Manor
Hyby Manor
Häckeberga Palace
Hässleholm Manor
Högestad Castle
Höghult Manor
Jordberga Palace
Karsholm Palace
Kastberga Palace
Katrinetorp Manor
Kivik Esperöd Manor
Klostergården Manor
Klågerup Palace
Knutstorp Castle
Kockenhus Manor
Krageholm Palace
Krapperup Castle
Kristineberg Manor
Kronetorp Manor
Kronovall Palace
Kulla Gunnarstorp Palace
Kvesarum Palace
Kärnan Castle
Kåseholm Palace
Körslätt Manor
Landskrona Citadel
Lillö Fortress
Lindholmen Castle
Lindholmen Manor
Lyby Manor
Löberöd Palace
Löddesborg Manor
Maglö Manor
Malmöhus Castle
Maltesholm Castle
Marielund Manor
Månstorp Castle
Månstorp Manor
Mölleröd Castle
Mölleröd Manor
Norra Lindved Manor

Näsbyholm Palace
Odersberga Manor
Osbyholm Castle
Ovesholm Palace
Petersborg Manor
Pilthult Manor
Pugerup Manor
Pålsjö Palace
Rebbelberga Manor
Reslöv Manor
Rosendal Castle
Rosenlund Manor
Ruuthsbo Manor
Rydebäck Manor
Rydsgård Manor
Råbelöv Castle
Rögle Manor
Rönneholm Manor
Rönneholm Palace
Rössjöholm Palace
Sandby Manor
Sextorp Manor
Silvåkra Manor
Simontorp Manor
Sinclairsholm Palace
Sireköpinge Manor
Skabersjö Palace
Skanör Castle
Skarhult Palace
Skeinge Manor
Skillinge Manor
Skottlandshus Manor
Skyrup Manor
Skönabäck Manor
Smedstorp Castle
Snapparp Manor
Snogeholm Palace
Snälleröd Manor
Sofiero Palace
Spannarp Manor
Stockamöllan Manor
Stora Bjällerup Manor
Stora Herrestad Manor
Stora Markie Manor
Ströö Manor
Stubbarp Manor
Svabesholm Manor
Svaneholm Palace
Svansjö Manor
Svedberga Manor
Säbyholm Manor
Södra Björstorp Manor

Södra Lindveds Manor
Södra Ugglarp Manor
Sörbytorp Manor
Sövdeborg Castle
Tollarp Manor
Tommarp Castle
Toppeladugård Palace
Torsjö Manor
Torup Castle
Tosterup Castle
Trolle Ljungby Castle
Trolleborg Manor
Trolleholm Palace
Trollenäs Palace
Tullesbo Palace
Tunbyholm Palace
Tågerup Manor
Ugerup Manor
Ukriksfält Manor
Ulriksdal Manor
Uranienborg Palace
Vannaröd Castle
Vanstadtorp Manor
Vanvika Manor
Vanås Palace
Vasatorp Manor
Vegeholm Palace
Viderup Castle
Videröra Manor
Vittskövle Castle
Vrams Gunnarstorp Palace
Västerstad Manor
Västraby Manor
Wrangelsberg Manor
Wrangelsdal Manor
Ängeltofta Manor
Ågerup Manor
Åraslöv Manor
Årup Manor
Öja Manor
Örenäs Palace
Örtofta Castle
Örup Castle
Össjö Manor
Östra Ingelstad Manor
Övedskloster Palace
Övraby Castle