Lying to the west of Lake Vänern, Dalsland is bordered by Värmland to the north, Västergötland to the southeast, Bohuslän to the west, and Norway to the northwest.

Dalsland was originally called Dal, “Valley”, originally referring only to the flat southeastern part. The name Dal is still in part used locally, about all Dalsland. The name Dalsland, “valley land”, might have been given by central authorities, to distinguish from Dalarna.

Dalaborg Castle (ruin)
Baldersnäs Manor
Billingsholm Manor
Björnebol Manor

Ekarebol Manor
Ekholmen Manor
Forsane Manor
Kuserud Manor

Kvantenburg Manor
Lövås Manor
Nygård Manor
Ryrs Manor

Upperud Manor
Vågsäter Manor
Västergården Manor