Bohuslän lies in Götaland, on the northernmost part of Sweden’s west coast. It is bordered by Dalsland to the northeast, Västergötland to the southeast, the Skagerrak arm of the North Sea to the west, and the county of Østfold, in Norway, to the north.

Bohuslän is named after the medieval Norwegian castle of Bohus. Under the name Baahuslen, it was a Norwegian county from the Norwegian conquest of the region from the Geats and subsequent unification of the country in the 870s until the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, when the union of Denmark-Norway was forced to cede this county, as well as Skåneland (part of Denmark proper) to Sweden.

Anfasteröd Manor
Berg Manor
Blomsholm Manor
Bohus Fortress (ruin)
Brattås Manor
Brattön Manor
Broberg Manor
Bråland Manor
Bäckebol Manor
Cederslund Manor
Clausenborg Castle (ruin)
Dyne Manor
Dynge Caste (ruin)
Ellesbo Manor
Gullbringa Manor

Gullmarsberg Manor
Gustavsberg Manor
Hensbacka Manor
Holma Manor
Hälle Manor
Hökälla Manor
Karlsborg Castle (ruin)
Karlsten Castle
Kasens Manor
Kastellegården Manor
Klareberg Manor
Lysegården Manor
Marieberg Manor
Mjölkeröd Manor
Morlanda Manor

Munkedal Manor
Olsborg Castle (ruin)
Ragnildsholmen Castle (ruin)
Röe Castle (ruin)
Röe Manor
Röstorp Manor
Saltkällan Manor
Samneröd Manor
Simmersröd Manor
Smedberg Manor
Stora Vrem Manor
Ström Palace
Sundsborg Castle (ruin)
Sundsby Manor
Svanvik Manor

Sörrevik Manor
Thorskog Palace
Tjöstelsröd Manor
Tofta Manor
Torp Manor (Lilla Edet)
Torp Manor (Lysekil)
Torp Manor (Munkedal)
Torreby Manor
Transkärr Manor
Tureborgen Castle (ruin)
Vese Manor
Åby Manor
Ödsmål Manor
Övre Berg Manor